19 Oct

PTgui Stitcher

http://www.ptgui.com/ Make multi row HDR panoramic or stitch together multiple images to make super high-res building facades with PTgui.  For Windows and Mac OS.

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10 Nov

Lugher Texture

www.lughertexture.com New Texture Site

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14 Oct

PD Player Video Editor

New Video Editing Software from the makers of Vray (so you know it’s gonna be good). www.chaosgroup.com/en/2/pdplayer.html

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14 Oct

I *heart* Sketch

New 3d curve sketching program under development at U of Tornoto. www.dgp.toronto.edu/~shbae/ilovesketch.htm

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14 Oct

HDRI Backgrounds for Autos

2D backgrounds to composite with existing vehicles, HDRI lighting and reflective domes to assist in the rendering of virtual vehicles into 2D backgrounds, and 360 degree HDRI virtual world environments for 3D web applications. www.cgibackgrounds.com

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03 Sep

Architecture School – The Series

Sundance Channel six part series follows a class of Tulane students as they design build a house in New Orleans. www.sundancechannel.com/architecture-school

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19 Aug


www.pixlr.com Pixlr is a free online image editor.  Kindof like Photoshop, but free and online.

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18 Aug

CAD Files for Woodworkers

www.woodworkersworkshop.com The files at this site are CAD files of woodworking projects, jigs, and other items related to woodworking. Most have been formated in the Drawing Exchange Format (DXF). A few are in the original format of the software that created them.

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18 Aug

Revit Objects

www.revitobjects.com an extensive library of revit blocks and symbols

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14 Aug

The Dome House

Wrapping up the entire Dome House seamlessly with an antioxidant solution, the Dome House helps recuperate your health and enhance clean global environment. http://www.i-domehouse.com/

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