Cadmonkey presents: 3d Artist - Peter Syomka
17 may 01

"Whatever the professional level of a person, there is always something to learn. Anybody can draw a line with a pencil, but very few can draw a picture."

CM: Tell us a little about yourself.
PS: My name is Peter. I was born in the Ukraine. I began to draw when I was a child. At that time I didn't know it would become my profession. In 1995 I began to work with computer. The first program I began to work with was Photoshop. In 1997 I started to work with 3D Studio Max. I was using books, documentations, and program guides on the 1st stage. In the beginning I had many questions: "How do I do this? How do I solve that problem?" but now I have enough experience and can be fully absorbed in creative work.

CM: You do amazing pencil drawings - were you formally trained as a classical artist before computer?
PS: I have a classical art education. I studied at Kiev Industrial Art Technical School - 1996 graduated with honor.

CM: Do you prefer working by hand over computer? 2d over 3d?
PS: It's hard to answer this question.
Now 2d and 3d are tied together. I like to do the work from the beginning to the end: to create composition, to make sketch and put it into 3D. I don't think it's necessary to separate 2d and 3d. Computer is an instrument for me like any other graphical instrument: a pencil, a brush, etc.

CM: Do you think classical art training makes a better 3d artist?
PS: I think, yes. Whatever the professional level of a person, there is always something to learn. Anybody can draw a line with a pencil, but very few can draw a picture. You have got to know art laws in order to create beautiful things. It takes a good artist to do something really good. Computer is just a tool. So, classical knowledge of composition, colors, painting will only help to get the most out of the computer.

CM: You dont seem to be concerned with realism do you prefer the sci-fi fantasy over typical photo-realistic renderings?
PS: This is a procedure I follow: once I have composition in my mind, I take away all extra things even if it is to the detriment of realism. The main goal is the complete composition. Realism is not the most important thing. I like sci-fi very much. But in the near future I plan to do other genres.

CM: If you could work on any project, what would it be?
PS: I think I would like to work on project like "StarWars", "Lost In Space" and similar ones. It is funny, but as you see we are back to sci-fi.

CM: What makes a successful 3d project in your mind?
PS: a. The project should be interesting for me.
b. It shouldn't be vulgar.
c. The job should be well paid.

CM: What are your favorite digital tools (software)?
PS: I like 3dsMax - It has a great patch modeling tools, I like Rhino3d for its NURBs. Currently, I learn Maya and I really like it very much. It has a great Subdivision surface modeling tools. For now, I have a basic knowledge of Maya but during the learning process I like it more and more. It is really fantastic!

CM: What is your favorite high-tech gadget of the moment?
PS: Now days I have 19 monitor but Id like to upgrade it to 21" or 30" someday, my computer is a Dual Intel Pentium 3 - 1GHz (but Im thinking about Athlon), 512 mb and a Wacom tablet.

CM: Any advice for aspiring 3d artists?
PS: To look around, study nature, learn works of the great artists (in the beginning - imitate the artists works), and just do the work you like to do. In my personal opinion, the greatest artist ever is God. The only thing you need to do for good creative art is just to follow Him in His Art-Of-Creation.

CM: Thanks for your time. Keep up the good work!
PS: Best regards.

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