AutoCAD LISP Routine Library
Last Updated: 28 Oct 04

Cadmonkey posts royalty-free AutoCAD LISP routines free of charge for download. If the author of the LISP routine is available or chose to be recognized, their name is posted. If you wish to contribute a LISP routine to the library, email your submission to us! Proprietary LISP routines are available for purchase in the Cadmonkey Store.





Author draw text on an arc path 12+ Shareware find and catalog instances of a block in drawing 12+ Freeware Scales a selection set of block insertions using the individual block's insertion point as the base point. 13+ Draw brick coursing in section. By number of courses or 2 points. 12+ Replaces block insertions with a different or re-defined block. Dialog box interface. 14+
qcloud.html completely configurable for your standards, and it is the easiest of it's kind to use. Cloud schedules by picking two points. This is very efficient and gives the user much control over the shape of the cloud. 2000
qoffset.exe dialog box interface to select from a list of saved offset distances - also offset multiple from the object selected. 2000 convert lines and arcs to polylines 12+ Shareware Makes drawing look as if it were drawn freehand - a slight wiggle to line work and a slight overlap at line intersections. Degree of overlap and wiggle can be adjusted independently. 14+ draw a 2d gear from user imput - radius, pitch dia., and number of teeth 12+ Shareware Draws stairs to your specific parameters plan view and elevations uses dialog boxes. 2000 Shareware move an entire layer 12+ Freeware Place mullions in windows in the elevation. 12+ rotate selected objects relative to a specific angle or to match the angle of an existing object. THIS object to THAT angle. 14+ A handy routine for stretching a single layer. 12+ Freeware Changes cross-hair rotation (SNAPANG) to match selected segment. User can match angle of any line - even if nested in block or xref. 14+ Freeware Read a comma seperated variable (CSV) (e.g. table.csv) file and import to AutoCAD drafting screen as a table. 12+

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