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Last Updated: 11 dec 03

Cadmonkey posts royalty-free 3d models free of charge for download. If the author of the 3d Model is available or chose to be recognized, their name is posted. All models are in .dxf and .3ds formats. If you wish to contribute a 3d model to the library, email your submission to us!

Cadmonkey.com, and all its contents, are copyrighted. All of the models/texture maps/Lisp/Cells (referred herein as "datasets") available at Cadmonkey.com may be used royalty-free in your own work. If any of the datasets "models or textures" available on Cadmonkey.com are to be used commercially, you must give proper credit to Cadmonkey.com and the respective authors/artists in the commercial product. Also, these datasets may not be sold individually or included in, or sold as, or provided for free in, a collection of any kind including collections available on CD-ROM, BBS, FTP, WWW, IRC or any other electronic transfer methods without prior written permission from Cadmonkey.com and from the authors/artists whom created these models. By using any of Cadmonkey.com's datasets, or by advancing further within this site, or by accessing models.htm you and your company explicitly agree with these terms and conditions. By sending us your geometry and/or images confirms that you and your company willingly and fully grant Cadmonkey.com the rights to distribute the submitted works without compensation unless otherwise agreed upon by Cadmonkey.com and the submitter in writing. Cadmonkey.com makes no warranties, express or implied, and disclaim any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Cadmonkey.com shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to lost profits) incurred from the use or inability to use the models and software available on Cadmonkey.com.





handle.zip standard window pull (7k) .3ds Adam Kruvand
lampost.zip small old streetlight (125k) .3ds Adam Felchner
duallamp.zip dual globe streelight (26k) .3ds Adam Kruvand

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