3D floor plans are, like, totally better than 2D.

StarWars artist and independent filmmaker Doug Chiang reveals his marker technique.

Avoid ugly “seams” when mapping 3d objects. How to quickly make a seamless texture out of any bitmap. The first in a series of Photoshop tutorials from the pros.

“Anybody can draw a line with a pencil, but very few can draw a picture.” Interview with Ukraine 3d artist Peter Syomka.

Ongoing tip list for AutoCAD on Autodesk’s site.

small worlds pic

3d scale models used to be cool…. – “Clicks not Bricks” – interesting article in dec digital practice section featuring the genius of Studio2a principal Adam Kruvand.

Revit keeps getting better. Cadalyst review of Revit 9.1

I work for an architecture firm, but I don’t have a license, am no longer an Intern, what DO I call myself?

New architecture resource and webzine site.

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