Last Updated: 07 mar 02

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AutoCAD to 3dsMax import AutoCAD to 3dsMax 7 feb 00 Adam Kruvand
AutoCAD: Direct Distance Entry draw an object with the command line 7 mar 02 David Watson
AutoCAD: Object Selection the many uses of the selection options 7 mar 02 David Watson
AutoCAD to Microstation: Part 1 an AutoCAD user switches to Microstation 5 apr 00 Adam Felchner
AutoCAD Productivity: Part 1 improve productivity with ACAD.PGP file 2 march 00 James Dee
AutoCAD Productivity: Part 2 improve productivity with Accelerators 13 april 00 James Dee
AutoCAD UCS Define a user coordinate system (UCS) 2 march 00 Adam Kruvand
Ghost Material create a "ghostbuster" ghost 28 nov 00 David op De Beéck
Marker Sketch sketch with markers 21 jan 01 Doug Chiang
Max Reflections create reflections in 3dsMax 8 feb 00 Adam Kruvand
Max Shadows better shadow maps 10 july 00 Adam Kruvand
Maya Shadows improve Maya shadow quality 2 march 00 Rhonda Graphics
Photoshop Magic: Seamless textures create seamless textures for mapping 3d objects 19 apr 01 Adam Felchner
Solidworks to 3dsMax import Solidworks to 3dsMax 31 oct 00 Shane Landry

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